During Hollywood’s booming years all of the major studios put out new feature films every week. In more recent decades the major studios, as well as many independent studios, continue to release numerous movies every year (many hundreds). The point is that lists like these are highly selective and subjective. The criteria I use include emphasizing important realistic genre feature films; though a few are thriller, comedy, musical, science fiction, and so on. Many of the films are important relative to American culture, and most of the films relate to substantive issues in one way or another. So-called “B films,” foreign, special interest, and independent films, have been passed by, for the most part, because of the webpage’s focus. Many other films are worthy of reflection. The point of these lists is to offer a starting-point for films that viably fit the intersection of film, culture, and theology.
Be advised that I am NOT endorsing any of these films, in any way. The viewer should use discernment with all media. Depending on the student’s personal standards and sensibilities, she or he may wish to research the films to be viewed on one of the many conservative religious websites.