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Significant Places in Biblical Israel

You will need Google Earth to do this activity (download it free).

(a) Click for Alphabetical Scriptural Maps (keep this page open in a separate window to complete this activity).

(b) Un-check all boxes in the Layers panel (1). You may wish to minimize the layers panel (2). Click to un-check  “All Bible Places” in Places panel (3). Click on plus mark next to “All Bible Places” to reveal alphabetic list (3). 


(c) Scroll down the list and put a check mark in the following cities. While you are putting in the check marks, click on the red dot on the map to make a list of verse references appear (or click the name of the place in the panel -- see yellow arrows in illustration below). Click on the references supplied below to get a glimpse of some of the most notable biblical moments associated with these cities (see blue arrow in illustration below).

Jerusalem (2 Sam 5:6; 1 Kgs 8:1; Matt 21:10; Acts 1:8)
Shiloh (1 Sam 1:3; 1 Sam 3:21; Ps 78:60)
Hebron (Gen 13:18; Gen 23:19; 2 Sam 2:11)
Jericho (Josh 6:2; Luke 10:30)
Megiddo (1 Kgs 9:15)
Hazor (Josh 11:11; 1 Kgs 9:15)
Bethel (Gen 28:19; 1 Kgs 12:29)
Dan (1 Kgs 4:25; 1 Kgs 12:29)
Beersheba (1 Kgs 4:25)
Samaria (1 Kgs 16:22; 2 Kgs 17:6; John 4:7; Acts 9:31)
Bethlehem (Gen 35:19; 1 Sam 17:12; Luke 2:15)
Shechem (Gen 35:4; Josh 24:1)
Jordan River (Josh 4:4-7)
Sea of Galilee (Mark 1:16-19)
Salt Sea (Dead Sea) (Gen 14:2-3)
Great Sea (Mediterranean) (Ezek 47:10)
Sirion (Mount Hermon) (Ps 29:5-6)
Mount Gilboa (1 Sam 31:8-10)
Mount Tabor (Judg 4:14)
Mount Carmel (1 Kgs 18:19-21)
Mount Ebal (Deut 11:29)
Mount Gerizim (Deut 11:29; John 4:21-24)
(Mount) Moriah (Gen 22:2; 2 Chron 3:1)
Mount Nebo (Deut 34:1)


(d) View these locations at different altitudes and different angels to gain orientation to them. Orient the map using the mouse: point and click to move map, scrolling wheel adjusts altitude. Alternatively, use the tools in the upper right part of the screen (4 above).

(e) If you wish to save your work, click “Edit” drop-down menu on the upper toolbar, and click “Copy Image.” Next, open an image editing program and paste the image (like Pp).


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