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This activity has a couple of options. First, you may work with a Bible which has maps (often located in the back) or Chapter by Chapter Scriptural Maps (instructions) and the scripture texts linked below (download Google Earth free)Second, you may create your map by hand in which case print out the PDF version below, or on your computer in which case use the Pp version. Click here for very brief instructions regarding working with maps in Pp.

Tribal Allotments

Use this map (PDF version(Pp version) (alternate version). Find the general location of each tribal allotment. Keep in mind that though each tribe was granted specific land with boundaries, the way ancient societies functioned centered on the cities. Thus, it is enough to place the names of each tribe on the map over the general location of their allotments. Read Joshua 13-19, Reuben (13:15-23), Gad (13:24-28), Manasseh (transjordan half) (13:29-31), Judah (15:1-12), Ephraim (16:5-10), Manasseh (half) (17:7-12), Benjamin (18:11-20), Simeon (19:1-9), Zebulun (19:10-16), Issachar (19:17-23), Asher (19:24-31), Naphtali (19:32-39), Dan (19:40-48).

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