class materials
Anyone is welcome, but this page is for current students in my course on Film, Culture, & Theology. See course syllabus for due dates, and other information. See class page for additional readings and instructions.
See Film tab for movie lists.

one (to read film, part 1 -- staging, camera)
two (to read film, part 2 -- light, sound, editing)
three (to read film, part 3 -- story, ending, connotation)
M (mission)
four (to read film, part 4 -- genre, intertextuality)
five (field trip) (available in late Feb)
six (Walt Disney)
seven (Holocaust)
eight (Western)
nine (angst and coming of age, 1950's)
ten (angst and coming of age, 1960's & beyond)
eleven (Steven Spielberg)
twelve (trapped in modern society and "bending reality")